Image of Crown of Renewal (Legend of Paksenarrion)


Image of Crown of Renewal (Legend of Paksenarrion)

Although Moon warns the reader not to dive into the series with this fifth book, the work does stand on its own, and while Crown of Renewal may be the final book in this particular series, there is clearly still room in its world for more stories. The fifth and final novel in the Paladin’s Legacy series, this work resolves long-standing issues in a suitably dramatic manner that should satisfy readers new to the series and those who have followed it from the beginning.

Alured the Black, ambitious would-be world ruler and hapless pawn of dark forces, begins the first steps of conquering his neighbors with brutal intimidation and bald-faced invasion and, in so doing, sets in motion events that will reshape Paksenarrion’s world. King Kieri Phelan, haunted by the past, searches for the means to free the magelords trapped in mystical hibernation, while Dorrin Verrakai is compelled by duty to convey magical regalia far from Alured, a quest that may succeed only in delivering the relics directly to the villain himself. (DEL REY, Jun., 528 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
James Davis Nicoll