Image of Crowned: The Palace Nanny


Image of Crowned: The Palace Nanny
CROWNED: THE PALACE NANNY (4.5) by Marion Lennox: The search for the heir to the throne of Khryseis is over -- but it doesn't end the way Dr. Stefanos Antoniadis expected. His cousin is dead, which means Stefanos must serve as Prince Regent until the heir, his 8-year-old daughter Zoe, comes of age. Persuading Zoe's guardian, widowed marine biologist Elsa Murdoch, to accompany them to Khryseis isn't easy, nor are the adjustments that follow. Falling in love with Elsa is something else Stefanos doesn't anticipate, and it doesn't help that she's still grieving for her husband. Humor, strong emotion and plenty of sizzle make this a story to savor -- and Stefanos is simply to die for!
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer