Image of Cruisin' On Desperation


Image of Cruisin' On Desperation

Wisecracking, faith-deprived women are on a romance rampage. This church romp is sure to tickle your funny bone -- or send you to your knees in a hurry. If only the cliched character names didn't slow down this tale so much. The book has many laughs, but there are too many church members to keep up with. Some language may be offensive to other cultures. Thank goodness for Lyon Lipps' lying lips! He gave this story some humanity.

Can you have God on your own terms? The feisty women of the Oh-Lawd-Why-Am-I-Still-Single church group think so. They have launched a war against one man, the hunky Lyon Lipps. But their plan to teach this preaching playboy a love lesson turns into a life lesson for the ladies aboard the Desperation of the Seas cruise liner. (Dafina, Mar., 288 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Dee Y. Stewart