Image of Crusader's Lady


Image of Crusader's Lady

The setting at the beginning of this historical novel sets up a unique theme that
carries throughout the book. Although
the heroine posing as a boy has been done many times, this heroine travels through several countries and stands up to a fearsome knight as well as the King of England. Marc and Soraya's love story is touching, and the plot will make you wonder until the last page how they will get together.

Marc, a knight to King Richard, is repulsed at how the Crusades are going. He hates the unnecessary killing and wants to return to his home in Scotland. Tied to the king's side, he sinks into a depression -- one that isn't broken until a puny boy attacks him. Marc soon finds he's having lustful thoughts for the jade-eyed servant and doubts his own sanity -- until he discovers the woman beneath the urchin facade.

Soraya's mission to deliver a missive to the English king is derailed by an extremely large and handsome man. She knows her duty -- kill the enemy and then retreat -- but she falls under the spell of the knight. When Soraya discovers the king is traveling with them as a monk, she discharges her mission. She's now free to return home but can't force herself to leave the braw and gentle Marc, the warrior of her heart. (Harlequin, Mar., 304 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith