Dr. Rennie Newton made a name for herself as a top-notch surgeon and consummate professional. She'd been in line to become the hospital's chief of surgery, but that honor went to fellow doctor Lee Howell. One night, Dr. Howell is brutally murdered in the hospital parking lot by a clever and dangerous assassin.

Ft. Worth Det. Oren Wesley suspects Rennie might have decided to remove her competition. The murder has the earmarks of a hit by notorious contract killer Ricky Lozada, and Rennie has a connection to Lozada. Weeks ago, Rennie was on a jury that acquitted Lozada of a murder charge.

Wick Threadgill is a Ft. Worth detective who is on indefinite leave. Oren and Wick know Lozada killed Wick's brother Joe, but can't prove it. Lozada's possible connection to this case drags Wick out of his funk and back to work in an unofficial capacity.

To her horror, Rennie realizes that the police suspect she's involved in Dr. Howell's murder. Her problems are just beginning—she discovers someone has broken into her house and left her roses with a note that says "I have a crush on you."

Rennie begins to fear she's become the object of affection for a menacing hit man. Can Rennie trust Wick? They may be forced into an uneasy alliance in order to stop a deadly killer.

Powerhouse writer Sandra Brown proves yet again why she is at the top of her field. THE CRUSH reverberates with tension, excitement and romantic suspense. (Oct., 474 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith