It's an idyllic fall in Foxglove Corners. The weather is perfect and Jennet Greenway has the perfect man to share it with, Deputy Sheriff Crane Ferguson.

All that changes when two female animal activists are murdered in succession. One woman is deliberately run over right before Jennet's eyes, and the second, Caroline Meilland, whom Jennet had befriended, is shot dead and strategically left on the road. Near Caroline's body is a bloodied, stuffed toy fox. What kind of twisted message is this?

Jennet becomes involved with the animal activists, infiltrating the group in search of clues to the senseless killings. No one is above suspicion, and danger lurks in the shadows. Will she find the killer or will the killer outfox her?

Once again, Bodoin takes us into the cozy town of Foxglove Corners to visit with Jennet, her faithful collie, Halley, and her love interest, the handsome and gentlemanly Crane. Rich in descriptively charming details from start to climactic end, this is one enchanting murder mystery. If only someone would light a fire under Crane. He sure likes to keep Jennet waiting! (Jul., 266 pp., $15.95).
Reviewed by: 
Katherine J. Turcotte