Ms. Chancellor's innovative time travel strategy and her clever humor bring the characters to life. A CRY AT MIDNIGHT is a real page turner! A convincing combination of mystery and romance.

Randi Galloway, suffering through the loss of a premature child and the rejection of her worthless husband, deserves some happiness.

While cleaning in the Black Widow Grove Museum, near the miniature replica of the Black Widow plantation, Randi hears the cry of a child.

After researching the house's history, she learns that the owner and his child were swept away in a flood in 1849. The current building had been recreated from sketches.

Night after night, Randi hears crying. As the crying becomes more urgent, she reaches in and finds herself swept into the past, holding a living child.

The recently widowed Jackson Durant is the figure of propriety. When he finds a strange woman holding his daughter and dressed in improper clothing, he is wary. However, he has secrets and recognizes a kindred spirit in Randi.

Randi cannot tell him who she is and where she came from, or that his life and that of his precious daughter will be taken by the Mississippi River flood.

Her protestations about slavery and women's rights are sometimes the cause of humorous situations as Randi inadvertently uses '90s expressions. Meanwhile, she does her best to fit in until she can find her way back to the future.

(Mar., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer