Image of Cry for Passion


Image of Cry for Passion

Schone revisits characters introduced in her novella "The Men and Women's Club" in this powerful story of a man and woman searching for freedom through passion. More than a sexually charged novel, it's an exploration into a desire that leads to passion. Schone uses sexuality as a metaphor for independence and self-awareness.

After testifying during a scandalous trial Rose Clarring realizes it is time to leave her passionless marriage. She turns to Jack Lodoun, famed barrister and MP, for help in gaining a divorce. Jack has his own demons. The woman he loved is dead and the power he craved seems useless.

Jack believes Rose is too fragile to survive the scandal of a public divorce, but he does not deny that she strikes a chord within him. He agrees to take her case in exchange for teaching her passion. Their sexual explorations leads to new delights and many varieties of sex play that opens their hearts. Together they share their most intimate thoughts and draw strength to seize an opportunity for love, even as Rose's husband, society and the law are against them. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Mar., 368 pp., $15.00)
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Kathe Robin