When the solitary wolf hunter named Lobo (Spanish for wolf) comes to the Davis ranch, Rachel Davis assures her son that Mr. Lobo isn't a wolf, but so much about him makes her wonder.

Until Lobo arrived, the widowed Rachel had been drifting toward marriage with Alex Robinson. Alex doesn't want the professional wolfer around and begins pushing Rachel for a decision.

Lobo hunts the wolf, an animal he understands and admires; an animal who calls to his primitive nature. It's little wonder Rachel's impressions of the physically scarred hunter and the similarly scarred hunted merged, and become charged by the growing intensity of their encounters.

Victoria Thompson's technique in characterizing the man and the wolf neatly combines reality and fantasy, heightening both to the point of mythology. A highly involving, insightful read that captures a man's struggle to overcome his inner wildness and a woman's struggle to win him to civilization with love. SENSUAL (Oct., 400pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger