Jane Heller's special gift for lampooning the pompous and self-absorbed make for enormously funny reading. CRYSTAL CLEAR will have you snickering from beginning to end.

Despite her ignorance of new age philosophy, successful New York CPA Crystal Goldstein decides to take a vacation at Sedona's Tranquility Resort.

Once in Sedona, Crystal signs up for the Sacred Earth Jeep Tour. She knows her karma is way out of alignment when the jeep driver turns out to be her sexy ex-husband Terry Hollenbeck.

Her companions on the jeep tour are wealthy socialite Amanda Wells Reid and her entourage. Reporter Michael Mandell finds his fluffy interview piece with Amanda turning into something big when the following morning she turns up missing. The police assume that Terry's friend Will Singleton murdered Amanda while she was on her "Vision Quest," but with no body, it's tough to prove.

Crystal and Terry begin investigating on their own and rapidly uncover a whole range of motives for disposing of the heiress. With no shortage of suspects, sorting through the facts is going to be a karmic pain.

(Mar., 297 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith