One of the stalwarts of futuristic romance rises to new excellence in this exciting space opera in which magic battles science.

In the years since the Vantrans extended their scientific domination throughout the galaxy, their ancient enemy, the Coven, have hidden themselves in the far reaches of space, encouraging the rumor that all were destroyed. Unknown to the newly formed Federation, however, they have survived and, from time to time, have sent individuals out from their secret haven to assume roles of importance in the evolving government.

Beautiful mediator Jalissa Kendor has almost forgotten her true origins as a Witch of the Coven until she is assigned to work with Special Agent Miklos Panera, heir to the most powerful family on Vantra. Their mission is to find what seems to be a renegade Warlock stirring up rebellion in the Outer Ring. If his identity as a member of the Coven is confirmed, it will touch off another devastating war.

At all costs Jalissa must keep her true nature hidden from Miklos. So why is she so attracted to the man? Is he really the enemy at all?

Ms. Dawson creates a simply beautiful love story against a vivid backdrop of provocative imagination to set our hearts afire. (Oct., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer