Image of Crystal Gardens


Image of Crystal Gardens

Quick creates an extraordinary paranormal world where readers will gladly suspend their disbelief to enter her magical realm and be swept away. She’s a genius at seamlessly blending mystery, magic and romance in a gothic that would make Victoria Holt proud, and the creators of Little Shop of Horrors smile.

After a frightening attack in London, Evangeline Ames rents a cottage in the country to regroup, located near the mystical Crystal Gardens. One night, she flees a killer and runs into the gardens, encountering their handsome, mysterious owner, Lucas Sebastian. After her attacker is quickly dispatched, Lucas suggests they keep the incident secret until they can discover the motive. Rumors about a treasure buried in the gardens and Lucas’ uncle’s death abound. Due to her psychic powers, Evangeline knows the garden’s plants possess occult powers and are connected to Lucas’ uncle. Lucas’ understanding of the criminal mind and Evangeline’s talents draw them into dangerous territory and a passion that surprises them. (PUTNAM, Apr., 380 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin