A scientist discovers that there's more to reality than facts and figures in this engaging fantasy.

Gina Petrillo is looking for a dress at a New Age boutique near Princeton University in New Jersey. Divorced and bitter, she is dismissive when her best friend teaches her about the magic of crystals. Then she sees a selenite crystal, identical to the one her father gave her for her 8th birthday, which she placed in his coffin two years before.

The shop owner tells Gina's fortune and predicts a journey far from home. When Gina falls into another dimension, she finds that life is not as straightforward as she wants to believe.

Derrin thinks Gina is a sorceress from another dimension, brought out by a member of the wizards council. Since Gina's knowledge of crystals can be used to capture endless power, Derrin is determined to return her to her world—or kill her.

The world of crystal magic is well developed and the sex is hot and exciting in this fantasy. (dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor