When the poverty-stricken harp instructor Christabel Swann, burns her bridges behind her to go to London to accept an inheritance, she is horrified to learn that there is nothing left to inherit in CUPBOARD KISSES (4). Her dissolute Uncle has gambled everything away to a hateful, blind and bandaged sea captain by the name of Chase who, as a way to assuage his own guilt and to alleviate the inconvenience of her presence, promptly packs her off to be the landlady at a boarding house her uncle used to own. Unfortunately, neither the Captain nor Miss Swann is aware exactly what sort of house he is sending her. When the Viscount Winstoke, formerly Captain Chase, begins to pay attention to this newest dove in the coterie, it is not long before the awful truth becomes clear to him. He has unwittingly sent the woman he has come to love to manage a brothel! Barbara Metzger pens a wickedly funny romp with this one; it is no wonder it has been reprinted for a new generation of regency fans to enjoy.

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck