Bardsley creates an unusual story where mythology comes to life, and opinionated Aphrodite has as much power in modern times as she did back in ancient Olympia. Since the book features so many people, the individual character development tends to be quite shallow. However, the concept is cute and the personalities of the deities are entertaining.

A series of men and women have their romantic lives changed forever thanks to the unique Las Vegas dating service Cupid, Inc., headed by none other than Greek deities Psyche and Eros. The company is responsible for matching up potential lovers, and organizing trysts designed to highlight erotic fantasies.

Virginal Sara enjoys an office-fantasy fling with accountant Nic, while her sexy boss waits in the wings for her attention. Wedding planner Janie experiences a night of celebrity fantasy with a hot actor. Rival editors Karee and Bret initiate each other into the Mile High Club. And Helen gets her spy fantasy with reformed thief Paul.

Although the couples are brought together by the gods, they must still take risks and make personal sacrifices for the sake of love.

(Feb., 272 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel