Cupids Corner, Kansas is famous for weddings because there is no waiting period for issuing marriage licenses. Mayor Jennie Fox hopes to break the towns summer marriage record, but local newspaper editor, Joe Avery, seems to be out to make her look like a fool. Although the sharp-edged journalist is really smitten with the mayor, Joe doesnt quite know how to make peace with Jennie. Their adversarial friendship becomes a battle of wits utilizing clever, barbed one-liners.

Dr. Alex Michaels, Jennies ex-fianci, comes back into town to help his mentor and surrogate grandfather, Old Doc Hobbs. Jennie fights being drawn back in by Alexs charmthe seduction of a big city medical center pulled them apart before. The plot is overstaged, but Cupids Corner is a sweet pick-me-up, laced with a few chuckles. (Sep., 256 pp., $6.95)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Updegraff