One of the Regency genre's most brilliant talents continues to break new ground as a mischievous god plays havoc with a pair of young lovers.

The only thing that keeps Lieutenant Kenneth Hathaway sane during the years of bitter campaigning on the Continent is the memory of his loving fiance, Miss Aimee Mattingly. Little does he know that he is also under the watchful eye of the god Eros, whose unusual relationship with Kenneth's younger sister has placed him in the unlikely position of protector to the gallant soldier.

Even the best of men, however, can stray while away from their true loves. And so Eros shoots one of his fabled arrows as Kenneth gazes at a portrait of Aimee to make sure that the lieutenant remains faithful to his lady under these trying conditions.

It is not until Kenneth finally returns home, that the disastrous effects of that arrow are completely revealed. Still reeling from the abrupt transition from war to peace, Kenneth seems more attached to the portrait than to the lady herself...Can Eros find a way to smooth the path of true love?

Ms. Harbaugh's imagination soars with splendor as she combines daring fantasy with a searing probe into a man's soul that will touch your heart in the deepest of ways. A treasure for your bookshelf! (Feb., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer