The fabulously talented Karen Harbaugh dreams up a simply splendid conclusion to her innovative Cupid trilogy.

Time is running out for Cupid and his fellow deities. It has been a thousand years since his wife Psyche disappeared, and unless he can find her soon, the power of the gods will fade away and leave the world in turmoil.

But where can his beloved be? He knows that she has once again entered the cycle of mortal life and death. And he knows that she is in England somewhere. But how will he know her?

His only consolation is his friendship with Psyche, a young Regency miss he befriended when she was a little girl. Now a beautiful young lady, his wifes namesake fills his heart with a mixture of joy and yearning. Can he dare hope that he has found his love at last?

Ms. Harbaugh creates an exquisite Regency masterpiece spiced up by an irresistible touch of fantasy to make us sigh in utter delight. (Feb., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer