Image of The Cure for Modern Life: A Novel


Image of The Cure for Modern Life: A Novel

Tucker's tale is about doing what's right -- even when it's often fueled by purely selfish reasons. The changes that occur in the main character are promising, and though readers will want to dislike him, he's hard not to love. Tucker depicts a multitude of characters, each with a unique familial situation, social status and agenda in this inspiring, twisting story of redemption, forgiveness and morality.

When Dr. Matthew Connelly allows two homeless children and their drug-addicted mother into his home, he inadvertently welcomes them into his life. Chaos ensues as events spiral out of control in his personal and professional lives, as well as in those of his ex-girlfriend (now work nemesis) and his oldest, dearest friend.

Matthew can't be sure exactly when his actions stopped stemming from his own selfish needs and he outwardly began focusing on those around him, but some irrevocable decisions lead him down a path he thought was lost to him long ago. (Atria, Mar., 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen