Third in the Belador series, this novel from Kenyon and Love is full of numerous species, gods, trolls and warriors, making it a difficult point of entry for readers unfamiliar with the previous books. The multiple characters and storylines, although well plotted, also slow the narrative. The book reads like urban fantasy, with very little romance. If you like action and enjoy this series, you will appreciate this latest chapter.

Evalle has been fighting with the Beladors to save humankind from the predation of non-humans for some time now, but it doesn’t seem to have lessened the prejudice against her kind. Her life is complicated further by her friend Isak and hot skinwalker, Storm. Evalle doesn’t know much about relationships of any kind and has trouble handling emotions. In a race against time she must save the queen, rescue some teens, find her fellow Alterants and keep out of the tribunal’s prison. For once, Evalle is going to have to trust and rely on the men in her life. (POCKET, Sep., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan