Image of The Cursed One (Wild Wulfs of London)


Image of The Cursed One (Wild Wulfs of London)

Thompson's Wild Wulfs of London novels have made such an impact on readers that many are breathless for the next installment in this surprising, sensually dark and delicious series. Chills will run up your spine as danger and passion rise, and Thompson works her magic. Succumb to the lure of the Wulf.

Lady Amanda Collingsworth's dream honeymoon turns into a nightmare when her husband is killed by a monster who also attacks her. She's rescued by Gabriel Wulf, who becomes her reluctant champion.

The murderer is more beast than man, and Gabriel knows all too well what this means -- his family carries the same curse. He hopes to escort Amanda home when they realize the building they're in is surrounded by werewolves. They are under siege and escape with the wolves hot on their trail.

The attraction between Amanda and Gabriel is undeniable and unexplainable. As the danger they face from their fierce enemy rises, so does desire. Yet Gabriel fears the truth of his nature will show. Even though Amanda does not fear him now, what will happen if he turns? (St. Martin's, Dec., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin