Magdalena Yoder is thrilled when she thinks that George Clooney has booked the entire PennDutch Inn. Instead of a movie star, she discovers that she's taking in a ruthless competitor. "George C" is really Colonel George Custard who plans to build a five-star hotel in Hernia. Outraged, Magdalena embarks on a mission to get his building permit revoked when the Colonel turns up murdered.

Not having faith in Hernia's chief of police, Melvin Stoltzfus—her brother-in-law—takes over the investigation and starts interviewing residents who had a motive for a murder. Magdalena turns up many things about her friends and neighbors, including an unregis-tered guest in her hotel. Meanwhile, her Mennonite side is put into conflict with her female side when her fiancé, Gabe the Babester, gives her a gorgeous five-carat sapphire ring that is a replica of Princess Diana's.

Fans of Tamar Myers' Magdalena Yoder will not be disappointed in CUSTARD'S LAST STAND, the latest book in her Pennsylvania Dutch mystery series. With its many credible suspects, lots of intrigue and an interesting twist, the mystery is excellent. Myers' trademark characters are at their best as described through Magdalena's unique voice and humor. This compelling book will have you turning the pages. (Feb., 240 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short