U.S. marshal Roland Larson committed a cardinal sin six years ago. He fell in love with Hope Stevens, the woman he was protecting. The government was counting on Hope's testimony to put away prominent members of the Romero crime family. When other marshals protecting Hope were murdered, Hope went into the Witness Protection program. Larson has never stopped hoping he will one day find Hope again.

Larson gets that opportunity when he's called in on a critical case. Someone has helped the Romero family steal the Justice Department's Master Witness protection list. Now every witness is in danger, including Hope and Penny, the 5-year-old daughter Larson never knew he had. Romero's premier killer, Paolo, snatches Penny, and Hope and Larson must match wits with ruthless killers who are planning to auction off the master list.

Taking a break from his Lou Bolt series, suspense maestro Pearson serves up pulse-pounding suspense, mixed with gritty danger and laced with a touch of romance. This is first-rate entertainment! (Apr., 384 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith