Image of The Cutting Edge


Image of The Cutting Edge

In this page-turning thriller, protagonist Leslie is faced with losing the one thing that has defined her. Readers are drawn into her life from the start and although the ending is a bit muddled, they’ll be sorry to see it come. There are plenty of twists and turns for mystery lovers, and there is enough sweetness for romance lovers.

Aspiring model Leslie Rhoads is chosen to be the face of the Passion Nights perfume ad campaign. Although she’s excited, Leslie is not sure it is morally right and wants to talk it over with her parents. She flies home — where she is brutally attacked by a gang and left to die. Discovered by a passing motorist, Leslie is taken to the local hospital and survives, but her face is disfigured. She begins to rebuild her life with the help of her cousin, an old boyfriend and a young girl, Angel. But there is still a killer who wants her dead. (ABINGDON, Oct., 336 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Hanson