Image of Cyador's Heirs (Saga of Recluce)


Image of Cyador's Heirs (Saga of Recluce)

Modesitt is known for the incredibly detailed worlds he builds, and the ability to take those worlds through generations to show the growth and development of his characters. Cyador’s Heirs does not disappoint, building on the stories of the grandchildren of the great matriarch in the Recluse saga from childhood to early adulthood. Lerial is a fully realized character who is highly sympathetic to the reader, and has a depth of thought and maturity that will be immediately recognizable to Modesitt fans. The drawback of the novel is that it is sometimes too incredibly detailed, making it appealing mostly to those who want every step of the character spelled out, but slow reading for those who do not.

Lerial, growing up in the shadow of his older brother Lephi, must somehow find his place in the hierarchy of family and the military command structure of his father’s armies. Duke Kiedron is a strict and formidable man, but Lerial learns under the tutelage of his aunt, Emerya, that strength comes in many forms. Increasing incursions by the forces outside of Cigoerne create additional intrigue, and Lerial discovers that not all of the threats in the world come from outside Cigoerne’s walls. (TOR, May, 512 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs