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Image of Cycler

This book is brilliant! As Jill and Jack struggle for control of their shared body, the alternating chapters written from Jack and Jill’s point of view give readers a chance to connect with both identities. Jack and Jill see their world through vastly different lenses, illustrated through their interactions with heir parents and by the ways that Jack and Jill explore the rocky beginnings of new romantic relationships. The quirky yet relatable cast of secondary characters, which force both Jack and Jill to reconsider what it is they want from life, further elevates the story. There is nothing about this book that is ordinary, and yet this tale about struggling through life as a teen will feel as familiar to readers as if it is their own while simultaneously inspiring deep reflection on what it is to be “normal”.

Jill longs to be a normal teenager who tries to get the guy she likes to notice her and worries about prom. Although Jill does all of these things, for four days a month instead of getting her period, she becomes a boy named Jack. Jack wants to be able to explore the world, not be locked in Jill’s bedroom  so that Jill and her family can pretend he doesn't exist. More than that, Jack wants to be able to tell Jill’s best friend, Ramie, how much he likes her. As prom gets closer, the balance between Jack and Jill begins to shift and suddenly the boundaries between he and she aren’t so clear anymore. (RANDOM HOUSE, August 2009, pp. 250, $8.99, ISBN: 9780375851926, 12 & Up)

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Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard