Joelle D'Angelo was a miracle baby, saved at birth by legendary healer Carlynn Kling Shire. Now, Joelle finds herself in need of another miracle. Over a year ago, Joelle's best friend Mara Sommers suffered an aneurysm while giving birth and was left with permanent brain damage. With his wife institutionalized, Mara's husband, Liam, who is also a coworker and dear friend of Joelle, has been raising their young son Sam on his own.

Some months later, in a moment of love, sadness and desperation, Joelle and Liam make love, which results in an unexpected pregnancy. Out of love for Mara and Liam, Joelle decides to find Carlynn to see if she can heal her friend.

Carlynn Kling Shire is coming to the twilight of her life and has long since retired. She vividly remembers the baby she once saved and despite her husband's reservations, decides to intercede to see if she can help. The week that Joelle was born produced both a miracle and a tragedy, for Carlynn also lost her twin sister, Lisbeth.

As Carlynn watches the love, pain and guilt swirling between Joelle and Liam, she realizes that revealing her own hidden past may help save their futures.

CYPRESS POINT weaves together two distinct and immensely compelling life histories to form a thoughtful and fascinating drama. Revealing the hearts of troubled individuals is one of Ms. Chamberlain's specialties, and it always makes for riveting reading. (Feb., 384 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith