Image of Daddy Bombshell


Image of Daddy Bombshell

DADDY BOMBSHELL (4.5) by Lisa Childs: The wrap-up to the Christmas Eve Killer case has it all and it’s the perfect, unmissable climax to this ongoing series about the rich and powerful Kendall clan. The man who murdered their parents 20 years ago may still be on the loose and youngest son Thad came home from his photojournalist gig just in time to shoot the man who was trying to incinerate his sister. How is that man connected to the old case? While he’s home, Thad also finds out that his onetime girlfriend has given birth to his son while he’s been away on assignment. Schoolteacher Caroline Emerson always suspected there was more to Thad’s job than he let on, but when attacks against her and their little boy begin, she has to wonder if it’s his parents’ killer or another secret in his background that is causing her trouble.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper