A newspaper columnist, famous for his views on life as a single male, buys a house that overlooks the yard of a beautiful accountant who attracts him immediately. That is, until he meets her children...all six of them...and his new neighbors begin to work their way through all his convictions about life. Linda Cajio once again takes her hero and readers by storm in BACHELOR DADDY (4H), with humor and terrific storytelling ability.

Intent on finding a nice, safe husband who will provide stability (unlike her parents' passionate marriage that burnt out), a nurse comes up with a list of exactly what she's looking for. The one man she knows is wrong is THE BAD BOY NEXT DOOR (3). Too bad he's also the one who sets her heart racing. Mindy Neff concludes American's How To Marry...series this month with this charming romance.

Trying to escape the myriad men who've shown up since she won the lottery, a cook goes to a wilderness camp only to wake up surrounded by seven curious men and a "handsome prince" who's distrustful of women with money. Elizabeth Sinclair retells a wonderful fairy tale with great characterizations in the very cute EIGHT MEN AND A LADY (3).

The time has come for her high school reunion where the owner of an antique and collectible store is supposed to compare husbands with her closest girlhood friends. If only she had a husband. Then a real estate magnate shows up needing her help, and a little blackmail could get her what she needs. Bonnie K. Winn has woven a multi-layered web of deceit in THE DADDY FACTOR (1) though some readers might find some of the details confusing.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson