Image of A Daddy for Her Sons


Image of A Daddy for Her Sons
A DADDY FOR HER SONS (3) by Raye Morgan: A single mom with twin boys, Jill Darling tries to get back into the social scene after being divorced for more than a year. When a blind date turns disastrous, playboy Connor McNair shows up just in the nick of time to rescue her. Little does she know Connor’s had his eye on her since their college days. He doesn’t exactly have his heart set on being a family man, but Jill’s creations at her Bundt Cake bakery, along with her irresistible kisses, may be the exact ingredients for love. It’s a sweet story, but this installment of the Single Mom Diaries lacks a connection between the characters. For all of those chocoholics out there, there’s a bonus recipe for a bundt cake that looks scrumptious.
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Jaime A. Geraldi