Outrageously funny and surprisingly perceptive, HIS ACCIDENTAL ANGEL (4H) is guaranteed to ensure readers won't soon forget the name Sandra Paul. When no volunteers step forward to help save a handsome lawyer, an anxious angel awaiting her halo gets pushed, literally, into the job and leaves a trail of well-intended havoc in her wake. Ms. Paul's captivating style frames a romance that is vivid, witty and uplifting-and one that contains enough sizzle to set angels aflutter.

Asoap opera writer's fight against her growing attraction to the show's devastatingly handsome new actor gets a setback when the loss of her apartment leads to A CONVENIENT ARRANGEMENT (4). Wonderfully fresh characters, polished writing and clever dialogue set a memorable stage for this entertaining romance by Judith Janeway.

A once-in-a-lifetime love gets a second chance in Charlotte Moore's stirring romance of a BELATED BRIDE (3). Thirteen years ago he let family obligations take precedence over their love and commitments. Now, after years of adventure, can a lovely foreign correspondent accept the simple pleasures of loving the farmer-next-door, a father of three?

Keeping control of his life becomes a challenge for a harried businessman when custody of his 13-year-old daughter seems to require daily instructions in love and life from his feisty new secretary. Stella Bagwell's provocative heroine shakes up her taciturn hero with marvelous results in DADDY LESSONS (3).

Patricia Thayer ignites reader emotions with a parentless family's heartwarming struggle to overcome life's difficulties, in WILDCAT WEDDING (3). A lonely, reclusive woman's life becomes complicated by money, modern convenience and secret yearnings for romance when a handsome young oil executive leases the mineral rights to her family's land.

Young love finds success in the second generation, but can former high school loves-now in-laws-put aside their bittersweet memories of the past as they await their first grandchild? Although the leisurely pace and lengthy introspection defuse some of the romantic sparks, the admirable characters in Kristin Morgan's MAKE ROOM FOR BABY (2) will be an inspiration to many.

Reviewed by: 
Linda Anselmi