Image of Daddy in the Making


Image of Daddy in the Making
DADDY IN THE MAKING (4.5) by Crystal Green: Rita Niles didn’t trust Conn when he said he’d return, but he does — four months later. Conn Flanigan’s only clue to his lost memories — a hot night with a hotter woman, who won’t stop haunting him — is in St. Valentine’s, Texas. Rita wants to believe in Conn, but she has had her heart broken before, and she has much more to lose now that she’s having his baby. As they piece together Conn’s past, they begin planning a future, but their trust is fragile and it’s about to be tested. Green paints a perfect small town, chock-full of down-home folks, plus an intriguing ex-rogue and a half-pint little charmer, in a story packed with humor, emotion and fiery scenes between the sheets.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt