Image of Daemon's Mark (Nocturne City)


Image of Daemon's Mark (Nocturne City)

Always a complicated and angry character, Lt. Luna Wilder is about to face her biggest challenge to date in Kittredge’s new Nocturne City tale. Kittredge’s specialty is exploring the dark underbelly of society, giving her novels a sharp edge. Her journey is a tough one, but for readers it is thrilling, dark urban fantasy.

Murder is still all too common in Nocturne City, but one bright spot for Supernatural Crime Squad leader Luna is her relationship with ATF agent Will Fagin. But the brutal murder of a teenage Were sets Luna on a path of danger that will test her unmercifully. As Luna and her team start to dig into the case, they discover a link to the Russian mob. Luna’s lack of control and her confrontational attitude is about to place her in a fight for survival in a place she never expected to be. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jun., 340 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith