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by Rachel Gibson

Genre: Contemporary Romance, General Contemporary Romance

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Returning to Lovett, Texas, after a 15-year absence, Daisy Lee Monroe has
a couple of things to deliver to Jackson Parrish: a letter that Daisy's now-deceased husband, Steven, has written to him, and Nathan, the son Jack doesn't know he has.

Though Jack makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Daisy, they have to get along for Nathan's sake. Meanwhile, Jack contemplates whether he'll be able to forgive Steven and Daisy for keeping Nathan from him. Daisy hopes so, since the relationships he is building with both his son and her depend on it.

This is a wonderful, warm romance. The love Daisy has for both Steven and Jack is poignant and heartbreaking. Jack's reaction to Daisy's news is both genuine and reasonable. A bit predictable and frustrating at times, this story is still one you won't want to put down until the last page. Gibson's tale
is the second of Avon's four-part Romance Superleader Confidential series. Each story, penned by a different author, features a hero with a "super secret." (Feb., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed By: Susan Mobley

Publisher: Avon

Published: February 2004

Reader Rating

4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
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Daisy's Back in Town

Submitted by Robin in PA on June 17, 2012 - 9:24pm.

After 15 years, Daisy Monroe is back in her hometown and on a mission. She made a promise to her late husband to look up their best friend, Jackson Parrish, and tell him the truth about what happened years earlier. Jack wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Daisy tore his heart out 15 years ago and he isn't about to let her do it again. Problem is Daisy keeps popping up everywhere he goes.

I have mixed feelings about this book. First, you find out early in the story that Daisy is coming back to town to tell Jack that they have a son. She knew she was pregnant when she suddenly married his best friend, Steven, and left Jack to deal with the problems in his personal life on his own. I thought it was very selfish on her part. Throughout the story she tells him she is sorry about what she did; but I somehow wasn't sure she actually meant it. On the other hand, I loved the character of Jack and felt really bad for him. He and Daisy had amazing chemistry and I wanted them to solve their problems and get together. I just wish Daisy had been a little more remorseful about her actions. My rating: 4 Stars.