This intense story is consistent with the first two books in Strong's Carnival Tarot series. She writes so sharply that she pulls the reader into each scene. While the book stands alone quite well, readers wanting a better understanding of the secondary characters will want to pick up the first two tales.

Wolf Dakotah Flemming is on the run from an enemy from her past and is always prepared to move and take on another identity when necessary. She gets a reading from the fortuneteller at the carnival she's traveling with that directly refers to her past, present and future.

Domino Santori -- a shape-shifting vampire with the ability to become a wolf -- gets a similar reading. One night, he picks up the scent of a female wolf and soon mates with Dakotah. Domino, however, is dhampir, a soldier of the vampires, and the transformation making him a full vamp is coming soon. If he takes Dakotah as his bride, she'll become a kadine, a vampire's mate. Although his wolf is screaming for Dakotah, Domino wants to make his own choices. But he's soon to learn that fate can sometimes be stronger than one's will. (Ellorascave.com, dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling