Back in New Orleans following a setback in her career as a Hollywood producer, Renee Marchand is handling P.R. for her family's hotel. When director Pete Traynor arrives in town to scout for locations for his latest film, Renee's on the front line. Though she hasn't seen Pete since their one night together three years earlier, Renee's feelings are still raw, and she knows that becoming involved with him again is foolish. But she can't resist him, or what they have together, so risks it. Jazzed up by a hint of Hollywood glamour and intrigue, Damage Control (3), by Kristi Gold, will certainly satisfy some readers. Others may find it lacking because the sizzle between Pete and Renee just isn't enough to sustain a book of this length, and they may not be quite as taken with Pete as Renee is.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer