Image of Damage Control


Image of Damage Control

Fetzer’s Dragon One series continues with this heart-pounding tale of a clash between foreign powers in the Arctic. Add in romance and suspense coupled with an ancient myth about an artifact with strange powers, and you have the elements of a great plot. Although the story doesn’t quite live up to the expectations, it is still a pleasant read. The overabundance of acronyms and military jargon can be confusing at times.

Scientist and archeologist Olivia Corrigan, who is working for a secret government agency, is pursuing the mystery of a centuries-old Celtic legend. She traces the paths of 12th-century Viking and Chinese traders, journeying from China to Ireland to the Arctic and then on to Gibraltar. When people start dying, it soon becomes apparent that Olivia is in a race against rogue Russian agents — agents who are just as determined as she is to unravel the legend. Then the Dragon One mercenary team becomes involved, and Olivia must deal with Sebastian, her ex-husband, not to mention her continuing feelings for him. (BRAVA, Aug., 416 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan