Image of Damaged


Image of Damaged

Extremely well plotted, Callow’s debut novel is a hybrid of a police procedural and medical thriller. Heroine Kate Lange is a standout character, and readers will certainly look forward to reading her further adventures.

Hired by a top firm in Halifax, attorney Kate Lange sees a bright future ahead — if she can convince her employers she’s capable of handling more than family law cases. Her latest assignment seems straightforward, a custody case involving a missing teenage girl, Lisa MacAdam. It’s anything but: Lisa is the daughter of a prominent judge and she’s been murdered, likely by a serial killer. Kate’s involvement in the case brings her ex, homicide detective Ethan Drake, back into her life — which complicates her professional life too, given Ethan’s history with her boss, Randall Barrett. But it’s Kate’s suspicions regarding another case that put her life in danger — and make her uncertain of just who to trust. (MIRA, Jun., 464 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer