Image of Damaged Goods: A Novel


Image of Damaged Goods: A Novel

In her latest book, Sharfeddin gives us a wonderfully well-crafted piece with gritty and painfully flawed characters, and an intricate plot that includes both elements of mystery and romance. She creates a tale about two people, battered and bruised each in their own way, who unexpectedly meet. Once together, each helps the other gather strength to face the past and heal from it. This poignant tale of love, hurt, loss and redemption is one that will leave a profound impact.

Hershel Swift is recovering from an accident with little memory of the man he was before the accident, just the impression that he wasn’t a very likable one. Silvie Thorne, on the run from a bruised past, meets him one night when her car breaks down. He offers her help and shelter. From there, a special relationship begins between them, which will lead them both on the road to healing. (BANTAM, Apr., 288 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates