Carter's latest short story collection is comprised of fun and original tales that will appeal to fans of fantasy, horror and the paranormal. Each story is wildly different from the next and contains romantic undertones. The highlight of this collection is the adventurous and compelling "Fantasia Quest" — a love story that will appeal to sci-fi fans, gamers and others who spend countless hours roaming the Internet and virtual worlds.

This paranormal and fantasy anthology contains three previously published short stories and five new bonus stories. In "Birthday Gift," a shape-shifting mother reconnects with her 16-year-old daughter to reveal their family secret. In "The Wrong Hands," a young woman reconsiders stealing an artifact from her old mentor who happens to be a very powerful wizard. "Beast Lord's Captive" finds a freelance mage trying to rescue a noblewoman who fled court willingly, and "Mercy" is the story of a vampire woman who tries to save her newborn baby. Lastly, "Fantasia Quest" is the story of a woman who meets a potential love interest while testing a new virtual reality game. (WHISKEY CREEK PRESS, Mar., 251pp., $16.95)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun