Image of Damien (The Nightwalkers, Book 4)


Image of Damien (The Nightwalkers, Book 4)

Frank's vivid and intriguing Nightwalkers' world continues to tilt on its axis as prophecies and ambitions shift the landscape. A gifted writer at both characterization and plotting, Frank keeps delivering sensuous and action-packed tales. Kudos!

Vampire Prince Damien has been monitoring the ongoing supernatural war with the traitorous demon Ruth and the necromancers. Sensing that the world is undergoing a change, Damien joins forces with other Nightwalkers.

When Ruth snatches and tortures Lycanthrope Princess Syreena, Damien vows to rescue her. He succeeds, but to save the injured Syreena's life, he must break a centuries-old taboo. Syreena is used to being considered unusual, but her new bond with Damien is emotionally terrifying. The old ways are breaking down, but prejudices still survive. To combat Ruth, they must learn to trust each other. (ZEBRA, Jun., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith