From the first page of The Damnation Affair, the reader will be captivated by Saintcrow’s polished writing style as she tells the story of the prim and proper Bostonian Catherine Barrowe-Browne’s terrifying adventure in Damnation. The unusual characters are surprisingly relatable, and the author does an excellent job of exploring their intricate personalities while leaving enough unexplained to keep the reader intrigued. Saintcrow creates a connection between the reader and the characters that appreciably enhances the action throughout the story and, at the close of the novel, you’ll be completely engrossed in the characters’ fight against the evil that is lurking in Damnation.

Catherine Barrowe-Browne, whose wealthy Boston upbringing has left her with an inherent need to be proper, arrives in the appropriately named town, Damnation, to take up the post of schoolmarm. She is immediately disgusted by the uneducated townspeople, suffocating heat, dust and uncivilized atmosphere, but she manages to maintain her poise and remember the purpose of setting up house in this backwater: The last time she heard from her missing brother, he was in Damnation, and she is determined to find clues as to his whereabouts. While keeping her true mission a secret, Catherine eventually accepts the help of Sheriff Jack Gabriel, who is privately fighting his own feelings for Miss Browne, all while keeping her safe in the dangerous town. Catherine encounters several unspeakable evils, and she begins to fear that her brother might not be as well off as she had hoped. But as multiple threads converge, the town’s dark secret, as well as Jack’s, is revealed — and no one is safe. (ORBITBOOKS.NET, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annalee Schuck