Image of Witch Hunt: Damned (Book 3) (Nocturne)


Image of Witch Hunt: Damned (Book 3) (Nocturne)
After being broken out of a psychiatric ward by the man sent by her sisters to save her from a homicidal maniac, Irina Cooper and her savior, suspended cop Ty McIntyre, find themselves running from the killer and the police at the same time. Desperate to find an old charm her sisters believe can save them all, they set themselves up as bait to catch the killer. The third and final book in the Cooper sisters trilogy, Lisa Childs' Damned (3), proves an exciting conclusion to the story. Childs turns Irina from a crazy street woman to the third powerful sister and makes it seem plausible. But while Irina's character is well done, Ty's could have been better developed.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay