In this Cinderella story, the second in the Bride Quest Series, Ms. Delacroix enchants the reader with a well-turned fantasy story of a Medieval knight searching for a lost love and a damsel in distress searching for a way out of her misery.

Alys of Kiltorren, orphaned and abandoned, is under the supervision of her mothers cruel sister. Treated as a servant rather than a noble princess, she is hidden away because her beauty would ruin any chance of her cousins making a good marriage.

Three years ago Burke de Montieux fell in love with Alys, but went away rejected. Ordered by his sister-in-law to find a bride, Burke returns to the desolate castle, determined to win the ladys hand.

However, circumstances are not what they seem. Alys spirit has been broken as a result of being cruelly treated by her aunt and cousins. When Burke realizes how desperate things really are for Alys, he becomes determined to rekindle her love.

Burke is truly a knight in shining armor. Ms Delacroix weaves the plot of a fairy tale, but gives it depth and meaning. Her characters are alive and so human we believe we know them. SENSUAL (Apr., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer