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Three years ago Marie Dy Gard fled Paris on the eve of her wedding to Sebastien de Saint Vallier's brother. Now she has returned, slimmer, prettier, bolder and even more of a challenge to Sebastien who has never forgotten their one illicit liaison.

Marie has spent the intervening years in America where she has perfected her film-making skills and received some acclaim, yet she longs for her father's acceptance and is secretly pleased that he has sent Sebastien to meet her at the station. Marie's long ago crush on Sebastien has become a mere glimmer, but seeing him rekindles her memories and desires.

Fate brings them together in the French countryside where Marie is working on her latest film on the grounds near Sebastian's ancestral home. When he unwittingly gets into a movie scene and break his leg, Sebastien uses the injury as an excuse to stay and stoke the fires of passion, accepting Marie's silent challenge.

This begins their unusual dance of seduction; a cat and mouse game played with subtle words and looks and allowing jealousy and sexuality to simmer until it finally blazes out of control in an erotic encounter. Yet is this simple passion or true love and can each sacrifice a little of their soul for the other?

Dazzling in its subtlety, brilliant in its ability to capture the aura of the changing times and sensually alluring, DANCE is a novel to be savored by those who enjoy a sophisticated, thought-provoking read that stretches at the boundaries of the genre. Well done, Ms. Cuevas! VERY SENSUAL (Mar., 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin