After 900 years of exile in the wilds of Alaska, dark hunter Zarek temporarily rejoined civilization. During that period he managed to tick off the gods Artemis and Dionysus so much that they now want him dead. But head dark hunter Archeron insists that Zarek be properly judged.

Reluctantly, Artemis agrees to have justice goddess Astrid determine if Zarek has any redeeming qualities. So as not to be swayed by vision, Astrid becomes temporarily blind. Having been raised as a slave and abused all his life, Zarek never enjoyed any human kindness. At this point, he doesn't give a rip about what anyone thinks and takes enjoyment in aggravating everyone—which means the kind and gentle Astrid completely baffles him. As much as Zarek snarls and snaps, she remains calm.

Kenyon just keeps raising the bar! Zarek's unrepentant manner makes him a dark hunter with serious attitude—and truly a hero to die for. Sprint to your nearest bookstore and get your hands on this gem. (Dec., 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith