Image of To Dance With the Devil (The Blood Singer Novels)


Image of To Dance With the Devil (The Blood Singer Novels)

Celia Graves is back trying to pick up the pieces of her already complicated life. Family issues and past experiences have taken a major emotional toll on Celia’s psyche, which has not helped her with trying to deal with the double whammy of possessing both vampire and siren abilities. Adams does a masterful job of bringing a couple of these issues to a head while placing Celia in the middle of a nasty and deadly blood feud. There is no skimping on action or emotional punches in this high-stakes urban fantasy thriller.

When Celia calls out a prospective client for refusing to tell Celia the truth about a bodyguard job, the woman leaves in anger. Later that woman is kidnapped off the street, and Celia is dragged into a horrific long-standing blood feud. It turns out that the woman’s adopted daughter is the last surviving member of a magical family all but annihilated by a curse. The scary complication: The driving force behind the curse is supposedly locked in a magical prison — a prison that doesn’t seem to be stopping Connor Finn from manipulating events. Now Celia only has until the next full moon to stop the curse and whatever else Finn has planned. (TOR, Nov., 352 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith