Image of A Dance to Die For


Image of A Dance to Die For

Crackling suspense, taut drama and relentless action flow through the pages at breakneck speed in Smith’s debut. Scorching chemistry between two intriguing characters make this novel a gripping page-turner that readers will have a hard time putting down.

Annabel wrecked her dancing career trying to protect her pal Quinn’s life. Convinced Quinn’s death was no accident, Annabel trails a clue to a North Carolina mountain inn and ascertains that everyone who knew Quinn wanted her out of their lives — including the sexy innkeeper, whose relaxed magnetism and sensual smile steal Annabel’s breath away. But listening to her heart means discounting evidence that places him firmly on the top of the suspect list.

The last person Trent wants working for him is a leggy dancer whose humor, laughter and shimmering eyes keep him on his toes. He’s sinking fast, but Annabel’s link to his ex-fiancée makes him question her intentions. When eerie accidents threaten Annabel’s life, they must uncover Quinn’s killer before it’s too late. But what if Annabel was the mark from the start? (WILD ROSE, Mar., 292 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco