Image of Dance of the Gods (The Circle Trilogy, Book 2)


Image of Dance of the Gods (The Circle Trilogy, Book 2)

More so than Roberts' previous books, this trilogy plays out as one long tale broken into three spine-tingling sections. The gritty reality and omnipresent
danger that permeate this story add poignancy to the unlikely but heart-stirring romances trying to develop in a
sea of darkness. The final chapter in this amazing saga promises to be a doozy!

Having survived their first major clash with vampire Queen Lilith, the Circle of Six knows the worst is yet to come. Hereditary vampire slayer Blair Murphy is more than a little taken with the charm and skills of handsome Geallian shape-shifter Larkin -- being able to ride on the back of a dragon comes in very handy battling vampires.

When the goddess Morrigan reveals that the final battle will be fought on the fields of the otherworldly land of Geall, the Circle begins preparations. But Lilith has more dangerous and deadly surprises up her sleeve. (JOVE, Oct., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith