Image of Dance with Me


Image of Dance with Me

In this captivating novel, Rice's honest, salt-of-the-earth characters quickly bring the reader into their lives and hearts. As the novel unfolds, Rice insightfully shows Jane and Sylvie's difficulties caring for their bedridden mother and Jane's attempts to forgive her mother for forcing the adoption issue so long ago.

When Jane Porter's mother becomes debilitated by Alzheimer's and diabetes, the successful bakery owner returns home to Twin Rivers, Rhode Island, to aid her sister, Sylvie, in caring for their mother. Her return also launches a search for the daughter she gave up 15 years ago.

But most central to this read are Jane's conflicting emotions that arise when she finds her daughter, Chloe, living on an orchard with her parents—and falls for Chloe's uncle, Dylan Chadwick.

Though Chloe does not know that Jane is her biological mother, the two quickly bond, and Jane must decide how best to reveal to Dylan her actual relationship to Chloe without ruining their budding romance.

(Feb., 339 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick